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Fix group members drawer keyboard issue

Dariusz Rybicki requested to merge fix/group-members-drawer-keyboard-issue into dev

This MR addresses the issue: [XMI-264] UI bug when having the input field enabled and tap to display users in a group


The problem seems to be an iOS 16 bug. There's not much we can do to avoid presenting input accessory (message text input field) when presenting group members drawer. It's controlled by the system. I applied some workarounds to make sure the presented input accessory view does not overlay the content, which should minimalize impact of the bug. While it does not solve the problem completely, it should improve UI/UX, so the group members drawer is fully usable again.

What was done

  • Use ScrollViewController in PresentGroupMembersNavigator
  • Improve rounded corners in GroupMembersView (do not round bottom corners)



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